Beginners Sewing Class

Beginners Sewing Class


There is much joy and satisfaction that comes from being able to say, “I made that” so what better way to get you started than with this great new sewing course designed for beginners or as a refresher for those who have not sewn for many years.

During this sewing course you will learn the sewing machine basics such as how to thread your machine, how to sew in a straight line and how to create a seam.

There will be plenty of time for practice and step by step demonstrations throughout.

You will also complete two mini project outcomes during this course.


Week 1 (Basic Sewing and your machine) Scared of the sewing machine? You won’t be after this class.

  • Getting to know your machine
  • Threading, the tension and the bobbin
  • Threads and needles
  • Types of stitches and where they are used
  • Machine foot attachments
  • Troubleshooting

Stitching exercises

  • Drawing out a template and practicing stitch-lines
  • Turning corners
  • Sewing curves
  • Experimenting with stitch sizes
  • Rules regarding seam allowances and back stitch etc

Week 2 (mini Project exercise)

  • Recap on previous week
  • Finishing and hems
  • Pockets

Mini project:

Simple waist Apron with ties and a front patch pocket.

Week 3 (Construction, Finishing and Fastenings)

  • Recap on previous week


  • Short introduction to fabrics and where to obtain them
  • Types of seams and their uses
  • Button Holes
  • Zips

Week 4 (mini Project exercise)

Mini Project:

Simple Cushion Cover with either a zip or button down opening

Level of Experience

This class is suitable for the beginner.

Materials / Equipment required by Attendees

  • A working / serviced electric sewing machine with two empty bobbins or Hire from ‘Threads’ (don’t forget your electric leads and foot pedal)
  • 1x full pack of ordinary sewing machine needles suitable for your machine size 12-14
  • 1 x Black 1X White good quality machine thread, choose from a well-known brand such as Guttman, Coats, singer or similar (not cheap quality such as ‘Lidl type’ from a sewing kit, as it will knot up, break and give poor results) if unsure always check for advice from Jackie at ‘Threads’.
  • Pen and paper and your phone camera, to record your progress and take notes.
  • If you wear reading glasses, make sure you have them with you
  • Your sewing Box: (you may have some or all the following, but you can build your sewing box as you go along, ‘Threads’ has an array of very useful and necessary equipment for your basic sewing kit)

Things which would be useful:

  • Sharp scissors: large and small
  • Pins
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Ruler & Tape measure which has centimetres rather than inches (being born post 1965 I work in centimetres for measuring length but weigh out in Lbs and ounces)
  • Lastly: bring along lots of enthusiasm and a little patience and your sewing kit will be complete


Gary Mills

Duration and Price

12 Hours over 4 weeks, £80

The maximum number of attendees for this workshop is 5

Places on workshops are secured by a £10 cash deposit at the time of booking and balance payable on the day direct to the workshop leader.

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