Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning


Threads is an agent for Priory Dry Cleaners,  UK Specialists in dry cleaning & professional laundry. We chose Priory Dry Cleaners as our partner because of their 25 years of experience in looking after textiles, understanding of the need for a high-quality and reliable service. Their cleaning process involves using advanced finishing and cleaning equipment, with quality control and assurance a vital part of the dry cleaning and laundry process.

Our Dry Cleaning Collection and Delivery Days are Monday and Thursday each Week.

All you need to do is to drop-off at our shop in time for our Monday and Thursday morning collections.

Example guide prices for some of the Dry Cleaning Services we offer :

  • Trousers/Jeans,  £7.85
  • Trousers—silk / linen / heavy material,  £8.55
  • Shorts,  £5.10
  • Jackets (short),  £10.15
  • Jackets (three quarters),  £11.10
  • Raincoat, £13.25
  • 2 piece suit,  £14.20
  • 2 piece suit—Linen / Silk / Heavy Material,  £18.15
  • 3 piece suit,  £18.15
  • 3 piece suit—Linen / Silk / Heavy Material,  £19.35
  • Waistcoat,  £6.70
  • Ties, from £4.45
  • Curtains / Loose Cover —  £6.90 / Lbs, £13.25 / Kg

The above pricing is intended as a guide, as cleaning costs may vary depending on the severity of staining, weight of fabric etc.

We can arrange for Priory Cleaners to contact you with a quote after they have assessed the items for cleaning.

For more information please call us, visit our Shop or make an enquiry online

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