‘Make your Mark – Contemporary Textiles Workshop’

‘Make your Mark – Contemporary Textiles Workshop’


This workshop explores the questions: What are Art Textiles? and When does Textiles become Art?

Don’t worry this will not be the great painting challenge – although through exploration of just making simple marks and impressions, firstly on paper you will be guided through a series of exercises to develop a small portfolio of responses to your environment………but your tools to do this will be of your making; as you will make ‘brushes’ from found and gathered materials such as twigs, feathers, leaves, small sponges and wire (provided for you).
A limited pallet of monochrome and neutrals will be provided, as this will also demonstrate how you can gain consistency and coherence in your designed outcomes. You will be collaging these marked responses into either recognised patterns or abstract forms to then translate as a small A4 textile worked and stitched sample. Please see examples above, but all will be different in their outcomes for the day.

Level of Experience

Some stitch experience to the curious sewer

Materials / Equipment required by Attendees


  • Fabric scraps and small lengths (note the outcome is only A4 so small pieces work fine) keep fabrics all neutral such as mainly whites, creams, black with a little grey and beige / brown. But best to have naturals fibres such as linen, cottons, silks and wools. Different weaves and textures will also add some interest to the final outcomes. (pre-loved and washed and recycled fabrics work very well).
  • Bonda-web
  • Thin wadding (if you wish to quilt around your textile pieces).
  • Black / white threads for your machine
  • Hand stitch threads such as Pearle or embroidery threads, linen threads can be used


  • Papers, dyes and paints, will be provided by the tutor.
  • Sharp scissors small and large
  • Paper scissors
  • Sewing Needles
  • Pins, Apron / old clothes as will be working with paints.
  • Hair dryer to speed up drying paints
  • Sewing machine (basic straight stitch used)

If you do not have a Sewing Machine, or don’t want to bring your own, you can use one of our latest Brother demonstration machines for the nominal fee of £3.00 per session.


Gary Mills

Duration and Price

6 Hours – £30 plus material cost

The maximum number of attendees for this workshop is 8

Places on workshops are secured by a £10 cash deposit at the time of booking and balance payable on the day direct to the workshop leader.

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