Applique Projects

Applique Projects

Applique Projects

Applique Projects can be very creative, the scope is only limited by your imagination. Applique techniques can be combined with other Embroidery forms and of course with Patchwork. The Dresden Plate example as mentioned in our Patchwork Patterns is a great example. Applique is about applying stitching or sewing material cut-out to a designed shape/ pattern to an underlying material. What is the difference compared to Patchwork?  Essentially in Patchwork or Quilting, the pieces of material are stitched side by side to form a larger stitched piece in a geometrically arranged or tessellated pattern. In applique, the materials are normally stitched on to, a base or background fabric. Applique resembles the collage type methods used in other crafts and arts, it can be very creative and effective.

Applique can be used to embellish a wide range of items. We have some examples in our Applique Projects collection and here you will see a Beach style Doorstop suitably adorned. It can be as simple or complicated as you like, combined with Patchwork blocks and or Hand or Machine Stitched Embroidery.

How we can help you with your Applique Projects

Embellishment is key with Applique and in our Shop we have a wide variety of materials to help you with your creative process. Here are just a few examples of what we have to offer in our Fabric Wool and Haberdashery sections:

  • Embroidery Threads and Silks and Tapestry  in a rainbow of colours
  • Beads and Sequins to give your piece an extra sparkle
  • Coloured Ribbons and a variety of decorative notions and motifs
  • Bondaweb



Our Project Collections for you browse and get inspired by

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