Elastic for Needlework and Craft Projects.

We stock a range of elastics available in Black and White that may be used in a number of applications.

Our narrow braided elastic, round elastic, and shirring elastic have many uses, both functional and decorative.

Braided elastic is a lightweight elastic which narrows when stretched, so is best suited for use in casings. If stitched directly to fabric, braided elastic loses its stretch. Use in sleeve hems and leg bands.

Round elastic has many uses, depending on the diameter of the cord; it is typically used in jewellery, millinery and clothing. For garments, round elastic is generally threaded through a casing to create extra design detail on bodices and cuffs.

Shirring elastic is an elastic thread which can be used to create decorative and shaping detail on necklines, cuffs and waistlines.

Woven elastic is a strong elastic, used in medium to heavy weight fabrics. Woven elastic does not narrow when stretched, so it can be sewn directly to fabric or if preferred used in a casing, making it ideal for waistbands.

Buttonhole elastic is a strong woven elastic which finds a use in waistbands, allowing the garment to be taken in or let out as required. Buttonhole elastic is perfect for use in children’s clothing and maternity wear.

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