Embroidery Silks

Embroidery Silks

DMC Embroidery Silks

We supply DMC Mouliné Stranded Cotton, the most widely used Embroidery thread, appreciated by millions of needle-workers throughout the world.

It is made from the best long staple cotton available, and is mercerised twice to give it exceptional sheen.

The highly resistant dyes are carefully selected to ensure that the thread does not fade as a result of washing or exposure to light (colourfast).

Comprised of 6 easily separable strands, you can vary your stitching results, depending on the number of strands used.

Colours are washable and fade resistant

With an extensive choice of colours, this thread is perfect for stitching on all types of fabric and can be used alone, tweeded or even mixed with other Embroidery threads.

We also stock DMC Color Variations, a stranded thread that offers you a wide range of colours in only one Skein.

Every 6 to 7 stitches, each thread from the DMC Color Variations line reveals a succession of colour changes, which are unique on each needlework project.

In soft multi-coloured or tone-on-tone shades, these new threads present the same stitching quality as DMC Mouliné Stranded Cotton. The vibrant colours add a contemporary feel, depth and delicate aspect to your creations.

The original aspect of Color Variations thread will add new horizons to your creative talents!

Both DMC Mouliné and Color Variations are supplied as an 8 metre skein.

Care and Washing

Care must be taken regarding the fabric onto which the thread has been stitched. Preferably use a mild soap at all times. After washing, wrap the embroidery in a towel to remove excess water, then dry flat. Place the embroidery on a clean cloth, preferably while still damp, and iron on the reverse side, at the temperature setting recommended for the fabric.

Threads also supplies all the necessary materials needed to create stitched projects, such as Aida, Belfast Linen, high quality scissors, needles, hoops and more!

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