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Tension problems and thread breaking on my sewing machine

Low quality threads or threads designed for hand sewing can cause what appears to be tension problems when there is nothing wrong with the machine.

Getting a Good Edge with BondaWeb?

Do you love the idea of doing Applique but sometimes struggle┬áto get a good edge to peel back having ironed one side onto my fabric? The answer is simple, it normally is when someone tells you. We all have one of those moments. Try scoring the ironed on Bondaweb with a pin in the centre…

How to Match Patterns when Curtain Making?

Stop struggling to match your patterned Curtain Materials, don’t want to spoil the finished look!

Why do my Knitting Wools get so Tangled?

You can waste precious time if your wool gets tangled when you are knitting. Most of us get, pardon the pun, ‘wound-up’ if that happens. To avoid this very annoying wee problem try to start the ball of wool, working from the outside rather than the indie. Generally, it works. Simple and less grief leaving…

How can I Match My Patchwork Seams Better?

Find out how you can better match your patchwork seams and get some answers to your other Needlework queries.

Fabric keeps slipping through my Sewing Machine?

Why does the Fabric keep slipping when I feed it through my Sewing Machine? If you are local, it may just be your machine needs a quick clean-up and service. We are lucky to have our own local Sewing Machine Engineer here in Minehead at Threads and that means we could help you with your…