Hand Sewing Needles

Hand Sewing Needles

There are hundreds of Hand Sewing Needles with variations and specialist needles for every use and discipline.

The variables are:

  • Needle Point
  • Needle Eye
  • Needle Length
  • Needle Diameter

Using the wrong type of sewing needle is one of the most common mistakes novices and even some experienced sewers still make. It can lead to needle breakage, difficulty working with the chosen fabric and poor stitch quality. Needles can also wear over time which effects the experience in use and quality of the finished work.

You may well find a big difference when you start using a needle designed for the discipline in hand. Many people find an improvement in their skill as a sewer – and more importantly, a greater enjoyment in their needlework because with the correct needle, the project flows more easily.

It’s all about having the right needle for the job/material in hand.

For more detailed information regarding needle sizes and use, click here for a needle size guide.

As a guide always remember as a general rule – the bigger the number the finer the sewing needle.


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