Long Arm Quilting

Long Arm Quilting

The ‘Handi Quilter’ Simply Sixteen machine along with its ‘Little Foot’ (TM) frame system enables any quilter, beginner to advanced, to machine quilt any size project themselves, using pantographs, groovy boards or free motion.

Our ‘Handi Quilter’ Simply Sixteen machine is available to hire by quilters who wish to complete their patchwork project themselves to a professional standard using a selection of quilting pattern templates or using their own free motion designs.

The Handi Quilter machine is installed in our classroom, and is available to hire by the half day. Just bring along your ready ‘sandwiched’ quilt, load it onto the rollers and quilt!

Preparing your Quilt top for Quilting

  • The cost of hire includes use of our specialised long arm quilter threads. We have a wide range of solid and variegated colours in both polyester and cotton.
  • Your quilt needs to be pre-sandwiched using; basting spray, micro-tacks, fusible batting or small basting stitches. Note: no metal pins please
  • If you are intending to do an all over quilting design (also known as Edge to Edge) you will need approximately 2” – 3” leader at the sides, same weight fabric as the quilt. Excess batting and backing from your sandwiched quilt is ideal to leave in place. This is used for stitching ‘run-off’ and tension testing.
  • You will need to have 7” – 8” leader at the top and bottom of your sandwiched quilt which will allow for loading it onto the frame. Excess batting and backing left in place works well, otherwise use a similar weight fabric securely stitched in place.

Aspects to consider prior to stitching:-

  • Think about what style of pattern you would like to use, free motion, groovy boards or pantographs
  • Solid or variegated thread. Which colour?
  • Bobbin thread: same as top thread, or specialist bobbin thread (no chance of thread ‘slippage’ with top thread)
  • If your quilt top is bigger than the frame you will need to quilt in sections. Consider how best to divide your sections if necessary. The maximum width that you can quilt at one time is 40”

Guideline quilting times:

  • 40” square free motion pattern – 1 hour
  • 45” square groovy board pattern – 2.5 hours
  • 60” square groovy board pattern – 3.5 hours
  • 80” square groovy board pattern – 4.5 hours

Requirements of use are as follows :

  • Machine hire must be booked in advance.
  • Every user must undergo a 1 hour training session on the machine led by Jackie, at a fee of £15.00. This training is valid for a period of 6 months.
  • Machine hire includes use of our range of specialist threads, pantographs or groovy boards
  • The machine will be prepared and ready for use – any issues must be reported immediately
  • Whilst the Handi Quilter is a robust well engineered machine, any rectification due to damage caused by misuse may be charged

Fees Charged :

Training : £15.00
Hire : £10.00 per hour