Our Covid policy


Until such time as HM Government advice and regulation is reviewed, our policy regarding Covid is as follows :

If you are feeling unwell or are displaying Covid symptoms, however mild – STAY HOME, DO NOT COME TO THE SHOP.
We are limiting the number of customers in the shop to a maximum of FOUR (providing they are in different areas of the shop).
Please wait outside in the designated queuing area observing safe social distance until it is clear to enter.
Gloves should not be worn in the shop. There is an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser at the entrance of the shop and would request all customers use this.
Until advised by Government, everyone over the age of 11 entering the shop must wear a face covering that covers nose and mouth.
We would ask that anyone who is unable to wear a mask waits outside of the shop whilst we determine whether it is safe for them to enter (ie, when there are very few or no other customers present in the shop) or, if it is convenient, for them to be served outside.