Ribbon and Bows

Ribbon and Bows

Ribbon and Bows

Find the Ribbon you need at Threads, whatever project you have in mind.

Whether you want to add a touch of originality to the perfect wedding day with organza and satin or add a finishing touch to your gifts with our range of printed ribbons.

We have a wide range of Ribbons, including Ric Rac, Tartan, Silk, Grosgrain, Gingham, Satin, Sheer, Polka dot Ribbon as well as novelty and Christmas Ribbon, whatever your project requires we are sure that you will find something that meets your needs.

We also have Hessian Ribbons, versatile and rustic, ideal for wrapping gifts for your special guests, or as decoration around plain glass bottles or vases.

Threads have a selection of Lame style Ribbons, including metallic Ribbons with both smooth and textured finishes which are available in different widths. Perfect for creating an individual gift package as the textured finish means that they hold well when tied or fixed in a bow.

Our Ribbons are available is sizes from 3mm to 50mm and are priced by the metre, however we will supply whatever length you need.


We also have small pre-made bows ready for you to stitch, glue or pin onto your project.

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