Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

With their simple clean lines, Roman Blinds are one of the most stylish ways to dress up a window.

They can be used outside the window or fitted inside the window recess and combined with curtains or a pelmut.

Roman blinds are best made from light to medium weight fabrics and are usually lined.

Whilst we can have a Roman Blind made to your requirements and arrange for it to be fitted, your own craft skills can be applied  to a practical project which you can get plenty of use and enjoyment from. With only straight seams to sew, a Roman Blind is straightforward to make and will transform your windows.

Typically, the following items would be required to make a lined plain Roman blind fitted onto a wooden batten.

  • Fabric
  • Lining
  • Glass fibre Roman Blind rod, ( or wooden dowel could be used )
  • Roman Blind tape or small plastic rings, approximately 0.5″ (12mm) in diameter
  • Wooden or brass acorn
  • Roman Blind cord
  • Wall cleat
  • Stick and sew Velcro, enough for the width of the blind
  • Wooden Batten approx 1” (2.5cms) x 1” (2.5 cms) x the width of the finished blind (not required if a Cassette Headrail is used)
  • Screw eyelets.

The bottom edge of the blind may be finished plain or embellished with coordinating fabric or braid

We also supply Renaissance Roman Blind Enclosed Cassette Headrail kits in a selection of sizes. The kit has a closed unit and is supplied complete with a white aluminium header rail and hook tape, all parts are concealed within the header rail to give a neat appearance. All Renaissance Roman Blind Lift Rail Systems are supplied with child safety devices.
The following ‘child safe’ Roman Blind accessories are also available :

  • adjustable cord stoppers which make levelling your roman blinds easier and eliminates errors caused by knotting the cords
  • security cord connectors, made in two halves and designed so that, when excessive weight or force is applied between the multiple cords, the connector breaks in half thus preventing them from forming a dangerous loop

All the above items are available from Threads, ( except the Wooden Batten and Wooden Dowel ) and we will be pleased to offer any advice and guidance on making a Roman Blind.

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